Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where There's Smoke

I like to think of myself as the cool, levelheaded one in our relationship.  My husband is a panick-er.  An understated one, mind you, but a panick-er nonetheless.  So, it should've been no surprise to me that after calling him with a simple observation a few weeks back, he jumped to ridiculous conclusions.

B: Hello?
Me: Hey.
B: Hey, what's up?
Me: We don't have fire extinguishers.
B: We don't?
Me: No. And we need them.
Perfectly acceptable use for a safety device.

B: What happened?
Me: Nothing, I just discovered we didn't have any.
B: How did you discover that? WHY did you discover that?
Me: I just did. 
B: *laughing* Did you burn down the house?
Nope, definitely not the house.

Me: That'd be crazy, right. *pause* You're not coming home for lunch, are you?
B: Why?
Me: No reason. I was just gonna say, you should wait, like...30, 45 minutes or so. 
B: Brittni.

Me: Matter of fact, let me call you right back. 
B: Brittni.
Me: It's fine. Call ya back, love you!


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