Monday, September 17, 2018

A FOURocious 4th Birthday Celebration

There’s no secret that my everyday life typically finds me just trying to keep my head above water. It’s something I’ve warmed to; that consistent overwhelming feeling. PTA meetings? I get there, but 15 minutes late. Play dates? Sure, if I can fumble around at awkward small talk for an hour! Homework? Yeah, me & the 3rd grader can trade evil eyes over basic arithmetic until bed time, sign me up! 

But somehow, when it comes to birthdays, my inner Awkward zooms right up to Adequate and I become the world’s most okay-est Pinterest mom! It’s truly a feat, this transition I make. And this past weekend was no different as we celebrated another Brown family birthday. My littlest slice of sunshine, picture of perkiness, and example of excitement turned from a tiresome toddler into a phenomenal preschooler (I figure if I say it often enough, it'll have to end up true).

I decided to honor the occasion with a prehistoric fete fit for our FOUR-ocious 4 year old. See what I did there? It’s clever, admit it.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Conversations with Grandma: Sep 18

My mom is in town and walked in during dinner.
Me:...and you’ll eat it because I made it!
Granny: I know y’all aren’t out here making mommy fuss. Not after she worked hard to cook for you all, that’s not nice. *makes a plate* Look at this, this is good food. You babies better eat so you can be big & strong!
*sits down*
Ashton: Wait, grandma didn’t get any carrots!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Ashton Explains It All: Sep 18

In the middle of doing the 8 year old’s hair:
Ashton: Do you know the F word?
Me: Depends what F word you mean.
A: *stage whisper* The bad word, fuck 😳
Me: I’m familiar. You know you’re not supposed to say that, right?

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Celebrating Grandparents in a Very Grand Way

Americans love a good made-up holiday. If you think of one thing you like, and even a few you don’t, chances are there’s a holiday honoring it.  Don’t believe me? I checked and a few of them even surprised me: there’s Science Fiction Day, Wear Pajamas to Work Day, World Kissing Day, Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd, and even a National Wine Day (or Friday, as I call it at my house). Long story short, we know how to pick a celebration. Thankfully, one of our more beloved (albeit lesser known) holidays is right around the corner and there’s no time like now to get ready! National Grandparents Day 2018 is scheduled for Sunday, September 9th.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

This is America

There’s not very much that surprises me. I’m not what you would call naïve, nor am I the most optimistic person you’ll interact with. My deadpan delivery is something new friends have to get used to because my dry humor is often an acquired taste. So unless I’m in a particularly entertaining & animated mood, you have to work hard to shock me. I’m always ready with a comeback, which I’ve learned is both a gift and a curse.

When the 6 year old and his sister got off the bus on Tuesday I figured he’d had a less than stellar day as his face was longer than usual and he lacked his natural pep. I offered my standard, “How was your day?” and continued walking ahead of them.
“[A friend] said something hurtful,” he responded.
“Oh yeah,” I questioned still not turning, I waited for his explanation that perhaps she’d declined to call Black Panther the best movie ever made or had challenged his artistic prowess (both MAJOR offenses in Roman’s book).
“She said she didn’t want to be my friend because I’m black,” he said.
I stopped, “Oh.”
“So I told her she hurt my feelings. But she didn’t say anything else.”