Thursday, February 12, 2015


You people think you know what love is, but you don't. 

Love is not painstakingly combing through Pinterest to find just the right eggless cookie recipe for your hyper-allergic kid's Valentine's Day party. It's not deciding to bake said cookies after an afternoon of creating handmade astronaut Valentines for your other kid. Love isn't destroying the first batch of eggless treats and then opting to make another. Love's not even lulling the kids back to sleep when the second batch sets the fire alarm off at midnight. It's not finally finding success with the 3rd batch. It certainly isn't presenting your perfect pink chocolate chip cookies (practically made from unicorn tears and fairy dust) to your kid on a valentine themed platter with exhaustion in your eyes and dried pink dough under your nails the next morning.

No, my friends, that ain't love. Love is, upon hearing your dear sweet precious baby go, "Aw cute! You know I don't like cookies though, right?" not strangling her.

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