Friday, September 15, 2017

Birthday Baby

Every time a kid’s birthday rolls around in our house, we sit around and discuss their birth story. My children are still young enough to be enchanted by the magic of their beginning and not quite old enough to want to delve deeper into the creation – thank god. 
So this week we talked about Parker. 

Parker, the one who caused mommy so much uncertainty, so many aches and pains, a few false starts and in the end (the beginning?) fear that we wouldn’t be able to keep going. Parker, who turns 3 today, laughed when I shared how the hospital tried to turn me around the day she was born. It seems she got a kick out of hearing about the challenge of it all, typical Parker. See, those nurses thought I wasn’t ready, but I knew that was wrong. I needed her here with me – with us – and I couldn’t turn back so I did what I had to do.
And all of a sudden, she was here (and everywhere) and everything was new again…
Parker, who I waited to turn 3, was more than I could handle. That’s the truth. A surprise pregnancy was only the beginning, Parker has a way of keeping people on their toes. Three years ago, there were many days and nights of doubt and lots of feeling overwhelmed. The highs and lows that had only recently evened out, came back with a vengeance and that was scary. My mother, my counsel, finally resorted to repeating to me regularly, “Just wait, when she’s around 3 or so and the big kids are older, things won’t be so bad. Everything will be ok.” So I waited, fumbling here and there, wondering when I’d find my groove and feeling like I was falling short more times than not. But as those eerily long days passed, the months started to fly by. So I kept my goal in sight – as I played a solitary game of Hurry Up and Wait.
And now we’re here, we’re 3. Our whole family has a birthday today because of how everything changed back then. On the day that was harder than I expected, different from the first 2 times, we were born and everything was new…but now we’ve grown.
Parker, you are not easy, and you don’t stick to my schedule all the time. And if I’m being honest, I’ll admit that these growing pains hurt sometimes too. I don’t always know what to do but even when it’s difficult and the days are long, you wait for me…because you know that sooner than later, it’ll be ok. And that’s why you’re such a good fit for our family, Puppy. You push us through the hard stuff. Every single day you make mommy balance the gritty with the great. So happy birthday, baby, thank you for being patient these past 3 years. If you keep waiting with me, I promise it’ll only get better.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Night I Went All the Way

Picture it, a cool, cloudless night, a new-ish Ford driven by some hot guy cruising down an oddly empty highway. His hand brushed mine, “You ok?” I nodded.

My excitement from earlier in the day had mostly burned off because of nerves and if I’d spoken, the quiver in my voice might have exposed my anxiety.

He turned up the radio, oblivious to the butterflies in my stomach and hummed along. He was fine, of course he was, it’s not like this was his first time or anything.

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Little Doebahyou First Class Flight: Sponsored Post

This is a sponsored post. In exchange for my review, I was offered a free holiday subscription box. The opinions, however, are all my own.


It’s beginning to look a lot like…mid-winter. You know, that dreadful time of year when the weather is gross, we’re getting back into the tedium of work life after glorious holiday breaks and the kids have somehow managed to lose interest in those toys that Santa just had to bring. You’ve been there.

Immersed in the monotony of the season and still having to deal with entertaining little ones can get tiring. Often, I’m so annoyed that the Christmas gifts have already worn out their welcome I get tempted to ship my children off somewhere in frustration. Let them tell some other family how bored they are with their Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Baby Alive Elmo Transformer (work with me here). Seriously, satisfying those mini monsters with something that will pique their interest and allow them a little creativity for the long haul can be rough.

Interestingly though, right around the time when I started wishing for the kids’ one-way tickets to Timbuktu to appear, I received another option (one that wouldn’t land me on DCFS’ Most Wanted list).

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

12 Anti-Resolutions for Moms Barely Making It

As a busy parent, particularly a stay at home mom to 3, I’m all about streamlining the process. Whatever the task, I’m eager to cut out the middle man…get down to the nitty gritty…head straight for the value, you get my drift. That's what I'm finally breaking myself free from this notion that I have to commit to a bunch of random resolutions every January. 
You know the drill: get through the holidays, become hypercritical of yourself, make up a bunch of unattainable goals, fail at achieving said goals, say lots of swear words, rinse & repeat for next year.

This time, I’m not falling for it. I’m cutting to the chase. And for once, this January means no Look-At-What-I-Can-Do for me. You know what I’d be better at? Figuring out what I’m NOT going to do this year.