Monday, April 6, 2015

Land of the Free

I'm very intrigued by all of the religious freedom laws being passed. Never one to miss out on a trend though, I've also decided to stop doing business with people I don't understand and/or agree with. So going forward, feel free not to refer me for freelance work to the following: 

1-People that put eggs on salads. Why? Eggs are for breakfast, to be scrambled with cheese and served next to bacon - not on shrubbery. 
2-People that don't like Will Ferrell movies. Why? He's Ricky Bobby...Ricky Damn Bobby!
3-People that drink wine through a straw. Why? Don't make me explain this one.
4-People that say 'irregardless'. Why: Jesus doesn't even like these people. 
5-People from Montana. Why? No real reason, I've just never met a Montanan, so I'm pretty sure they don't exist. 

Thanks for respecting my "freedom" guys. Here's to a new day!

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