Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Home Sweet Home

My father came down for an (extremely rare) visit with my mom so I decided to double up on my efforts to persuade them to move to Atlanta.

Dad: Where are we going now?
Me: Just ride. I wanna show you guys something. 
Mom: Oh, this is a cute little neighborhood. Where are we?

Me: There are tons of properties available over here, practically with your name on them. 
Mom: Oh, I like! Tell 'em Brittni, I need to be close to my grand babies. 
Me: There's a nice commercial area a short drive away, a nature trail nearby and its quiet. And the houses are adorable.

Dad: What's that sign over there?
Me: Oh it's just the name of the development. 
Dad: Gimme my glasses *squint* Is this an old folks home?
Me: A senior community! Not for old old people...just old-adjacent...old-ish people, like you guys. 
Mom: Brittni *sigh*
Me: This would be perfect. Wouldn't you like to step out on your porch in the morning and chit chat with your neighbor about what it was like when Chubby Checker was alive?
Dad: Chubby Checker ain't dead!
Me: Oh, well see...all the people in this neighborhood probably know that already. 
Mom: Drive away, Brittni.

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