Monday, June 29, 2015

Dinner with Schmuck's

Dinner at Grandma's: 
Me: Ashton don't take another sip of water. If no one wants to finish dinner you can go to bed early.
Ashton: Maaaaan!
Roman: Me too?!
Me: Yes, you! You had better eat everything on that plate! *walking away*
[returning to kitchen]
Me: Where is your brother?
Ashton: Playing. He said he was done. *smirk*
Me: Well, did he finish his din- What is this?
Ashton: You said he had to finish what was on his plate. So he put his green beans on the table instead.
Me: *sigh*
Mom: *walking in* You gotta admit, the boy is learning.
Me: *silence*

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