Friday, July 17, 2015

Hunger Games

If my marriage had a central theme, it could be summed up in a conversation my husband & I had last night. 

B: I think I'm still hungry, you?
Me: Not really. You goin' downstairs to get something?
B: I think so. I want a brownie, but I should probably just eat an orange. 
Me: Then get the orange.
B: Man, but your brownies were good. 
Me: You'll feel better about yourself if you eat an orange. 
B: You're probably right. *walks out*
[5 minutes later]
B: Um, the brownies are gone.
Me: Yeah, I ate the last one for breakfast. 
B: You didn't want to mention that?
Me: You didn't ask...and I told you to get the orange. 
B: No, you said I'd feel better if I got the orange.
Me: Right, you see how sad you are now that you tried to get the brownies? I wanted to save you from that. 
B: *sigh*

He really has to learn to listen better, dontcha think.

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