Thursday, May 7, 2015

Team Daddy

On occasion I feel the need to leave the house without a child attached to my leg (or my teat). I make sure to live it up while I'm gone; you know, bypass the toy aisle at Target or dare to go inside the convenience store to pay for my gas...anything to really appreciate the time alone and remind myself that I'm an adult woman who occasionally Word Girl when there are no children in the room.

But it never fails, no matter how long I've been away, by the time I've returned the children have defected and become Team Daddy.  All the memories of the brainwashing loving and nurturing care they receive from me throughout the week is gone and the big guy with the Oreos on tap is #1 in the house and in their hearts.  I was reminded of it by my 5 year old this week after I'd spent a quick lunch out with friends the prior weekend.  

Me: Guys! Come and eat dinner!

Ashton: *running* Mommy, guess what?! Yesterday when you were gone, daddy let us watch tv while we ate. Can we do that today?
Me: No. 
Ashton: But it was a movie and it was called The Incredibles. So?
Me: Yeah...still no.
Ashton: Okay *hands up* I think you're saying that because you've never seen it. Let me tell you, it was called The Incredibles and it was incredible! Do you understand now?
Me: *blink blink*

Ashton: *sigh* You make it hard for me sometimes.
Me: My sentiments exactly, sister.

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