Sunday, July 17, 2016

Toddler Triumphs

This is Stitch, Wheezy and Unidentifiable Rash.

Believe it or not those are not cute family nicknames, they’re the kids’ latest ailments and/or medical conditions. As a stay at home parent, it’s honestly quite embarrassing how often my children manage to injure themselves or one another. You would think I’d have this June Cleaver thing down pat by now, six years into the game. But I don’t. And while I won’t say I’m outright negligent, I will say that the frequency with which we visit our nearest Urgent Care clinic is laughable and compelled me to send the Doctor On Call (the one that knows our names) a Christmas card the past 2 years. So read between the lines here, people.

All that to say, when Atlanta Area Moms Blog told us writers they’d partnered with the folks at The Stair Barrier, I was super excited. Here was a chance to try out a product that might actually help me save my children from themselves. Of course, they did have to explain to me that the product wasn’t an around-the-clock 24-hour armed guard patrolling my house, but once I got over that disappointment I was still eager to give it a go!
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