Monday, May 23, 2016

Twas the Night Before Last Day of School

Twas the night before last day of school in the house
Not a creature was stirring (except mom’s laptop mouse)
Backpacks were tossed on the floor in a heap
Forgotten already as gleeful children did sleep

The kids were quite happy but anxious was I
As visions of cabin fever crossed my mind’s eye
How had I missed all the camp registrations
Too focused on last Friday’s dinner reservations?

When across my screen flashed a pop up from Pinterest
Could there I find something to keep my kids’ summer interest?
Away to the site I flew like a flash,
Scanning craft ideas and recipes with a nervous mom’s dash

The glow from the computer did shine on my face
As I sleepily pinned here and there and, noting the hour,
Finally picked up the pace

But a tap on my shoulder soon gave me pause
I knew in a moment it must be Mr. Claus
Err, wait...tired I am, - it was just my hubby
He looked and spoke, “What’s the matter, my lovey?
Now,,, hot honey buns,
Surely you’re not up this late fretting summer fun?”

As arguments, fights and general boredom would occur
I pictured the headaches and annoyance I’d suffer
What would I do with 3 kids home all summer
You know who loses? Me! What a bummer.

My husband, so proud of his neverending smarts,
laughed to himself and patted his heart
“My dear, worry not,” he spoke so calm.
“Would Big Daddy leave you in a bind?’ he asked raising his palm

His eyes, how they twinkled. His dimple not present.
His cheeks were like Reese’s cups, his nose a chocolate crescent.
His droll little mouth was tied up like a bow as he patted himself on the back, metaphorically so.

“I’ve arranged for camps at the YMCA
and gotten flights so your mom can visit them some days.
And I can take a little time off before school next resumes
We can hit the beach once more, really quickly, with a zoom.”

He pulled me up mischievously, and instead took my seat,
“Now wasn’t that smart, can hubby get a treat?”
 I laughed at him – too tired I was for anything else –
but thanked him kindly and thought to myself,
“Thank goodness, the day is saved yet again
this stay-at-home mom can count this one a win.”

For what most parents think, but may not say,
The best summer vacay is one where the kids are gone all day!
 I kid – or do I – but whether or not you take it with light,

Happy summer to all and to all, a goodnight!

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