Friday, January 30, 2015

Fashion Friday

I've decided to never again wear pants that aren't leggings.  This brilliance came to me as I rushed to get dressed and take the kids to school this morning, somewhere between bumping my toe on the foot of the bed and screaming, "Just brush your teeth already!" to the 5 year old.  There are tons of logical reasons that leggings were the pants chosen by God but I've chosen to highlight my top 3 reasons for loving them.

1-Leggings promote efficiency. Without zippers, buckles or additional straps, leggings leave you all kinds of extra time to do things like quantum physics, backflips or sign language - all things I do, regularly.
Imagine how smart he'd have been if he didn't have to button those pants.

2-Leggings save space. My math skills tell me in terms of volume, leggings take up 43% less space than jeans in a standard dresser drawer, they also take up 63% less space in a closet. And conservation is everything these days because...well, the environment so...there's that.

Leggings help global warming...or hurt it...whichever is the good one.

#3-And finally, leggings are the fashion industry's wingman yet they get no props. A nice, understated pair of leggings helps highlight everything from a hot blouse to sexy boots.  They're the ugly friend that make you look better just by standing nearby.

So, in closing, don't hate on leggings. They'd never hate on you.

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